Air Quality and Odor Control

Indoor air quality represents an important, growing and changing issue. Air quality, contaminants and odors we inhale and process with every breath all have a large impact on our overall health and mental well-being. Quality air control is critical component of a healthy home. The air we breathe may contain mold spores, bacteria, VOC’s and other gases that can adversely affect health, especially for those with allergies and/or asthma. Strong odors are usually an indication of underlying problems and should be addressed immediately. Flash can help by identifying and removing contaminants, starting up odor control and improving air quality.

Although modern engineering better controls water and moisture through the design of air-tight spaces, indoor air quality can be a problem for any building regardless of age. Molds, fungi, dust and toxic gases can all be trapped or growing on the odor or pollutant sources, often made worse because of air-tight construction. Air pathway, water and moisture and the building envelope all impact indoor air quality as does time itself. As homes and building age, they wear, deteriorate and leak. Maintaining indoor quality is an ongoing process and essential to health and well-being.

Air Quality and Odor Control Services

  • Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Removal
  • Air Duct Cleaning – Air duct cleaning eliminates airborne contaminates, can relieve allergies and can improve the efficiency of an HVAC system. Air ducts should be cleaned periodically and after any renovation project, large dust/dirt buildup and/or when dirt is visible around registers and vents.

Flash Air Duct Cleaning process:

    1. Inspect level of contamination to design appropriate cleaning and disinfectant procedure
    2. Remove all registers and vents to access duct work
    3. Use commercial grade equipment to clean entire duct run, including supply and return ducts
    4. Apply disinfecting agent to treat mold spores, fungi, mildew and bacteria as necessary
    5. Collect and properly dispose of dust, dirt and debris
    6. Adhere to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) standards and protocol to clean all ducts and HVAC components that are in contact with the ventilation system
  • HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination – A dirty air handler/evaporative coil will circulate contaminated air into air ducts and into the air we breathe. Technicians remove the evaporator coils to wash, scrub, rinse and return to pristine condition. We also clean the blower fan, plenum and condensation pan.
  • Odor Removal and Control – Smoke, animal waste, urine, mold and mildew, human odors are all unpleasant and can make life unpleasant. Flash can help eliminate and control odors.

Flash Odor Control process:

    1. Clean walls, ceiling and floors using EPA approved products
    2. HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination
    3. Airless spray application of odor sealant on porous material
    4. Air Purifier for continued control (if necessary)

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